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Heat up your skills with the all-new Firestarter event series. Each day tackles a single Microsoft technology, including free sessions presented live by Microsoft developer and IT pro evangelists and technology specialists - with special appearances from community luminaries. Attend in person, via live meeting or download the webcast at your convenience.


Windows 7 Firestarter

(recorded on SEPT 18, 2009)

Windows® 7 and Windows 2008 R2 introduce fantastic new technologies to streamline your business, enhance security and save you money. This Windows Firestarter event will introduce you to these features and then dive deep into how they work. See how DirectAccess provides the remote user with virtually the same experience they would have if they were in the office. Learn how Group Policy and PowerShell can simplify the administration of your network, regardless of how large or small it is. Experience a simpler yet more rich Web surfing experience with new Internet Explorer® 8 features. See new BitLocker™, AppLocker and User Account Control Features that are designed to protect your data no matter where it is. We will also dive into how easy it is to deploy Windows 7 the way you want it deployed - your image, your way - even if you are migrating from Windows XP. Join us for this demo heavy session on all of this and more at Windows Firestarter.


Session Speakers Link
Introducing Window 7 - What's New Stephen Rose View Now >>
Windows 7 - Diving Deeper - Direct Access and RAS Features Joe Davies View Now >>
IE8 - Browse the Web in Style! David Tesar View Now >>
Migrating Windows XP to Windows 7: Get it done Jeremy Chapman View Now >>
Windows 2008 R2 - Diving In! Chris Avis

View Now >>


Silverlight Firestarter

NOW AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND, recorded Thursday, Sept 17, 2009

The FREE Silverlight™ 3 Firestarter sessions burned up Redmond, WA on Thursday September 17th and we had a stellar line-up of Microsoft speakers, including a keynote from Scott Guthrie and presentations from Tim Heuer, Brad Abrams, Karl Shifflett and other community leaders. You'll learn what's new and noteworthy in the latest releases of Silverlight and Expression® 3. We'll also give you a rundown on .NET RIA services, toolkit, and more. Don't miss this sizzling opportunity to go deep into Silverlight 3 with Microsoft's best and brightest.

Session Speakers Link
Event Kick Off Mithun Dhar View Now >>
Keynote Scott Guthrie View Now >>
Key Silverlight Scenarios Tim Heuer View Now >>
Expression 3 Overview Adam Kinney View Now >>
Sketch Flow Janete Perez View Now >>
Toolkit & Controls Justin Angel Shawn Oster View Now >>
RIA Services Brad Abrams View Now >>
Building Silverlight UIs with XAML Power toys Karl Shifflett View Now >>
Q&A Panel All Speakers View Now >>


Other Events

Be sure to check out the Firestarter site for more events on the way, like ASP.NET MVC.