I'm running IE8

In case you haven't heard, IE8 is out in Beta form. I've downloaded it, and life has not ended. Yes, a few sites have had rendering issues. Some sites have told me that I don't have a browser they support - but this has rarely happened. Usually, worst case is that I click on the "Emulate IE7" button and keep moving on.

Why would I run IE8 on my every day machine:

  • IE8 activities are cool
  • WebSlices are also cool, and already seeing these show up - like on Facebook
  • Also taking a look at some of my customers' sites, and giving them a heads up if I see rendering issues. They even provide a add-on for reporting sites with rendering issues.


Resources to learn more about IE8:


I haven't seen an expected RTM date (actually, I should say RTW), but it doesn't appear to be anytime soon.