Interesting News of the Day

See the resulting Synth of Inauguration

Check out how the CNN Inauguration Photosynth turned out (after my earlier promotion). Uses Silverlight and the Photosynth viewer to see, but very cool how they do this. You can zoom in and see President Obama in action.

Watching Inauguration on Linux Systems

See Miguel de Icasa’s blog post on this. More details on Channel 10’s Ben Waggoner too.

Retail Experience Center

Here’s a new one on me. Microsoft has built a prototype store, called the Retail Experience Center. More details here. There’s also a Press Kit, which has an interesting video and a synth. This cost some $$$$$.


Microsoft adds Cloud Services to Windows Mobile

Keep an eye on Skybox, Skyline, and SkyMarket.  Here’s a Fast Company article with some background on these upcoming service additions to Windows Mobile.