Interesting Quotes on the Value of Internet Explorer 8

As I pointed out a few days ago, recent testing showed that Internet Explorer Officially Becomes World’s Most Used Browser. Lot of folks on the internet dislike these types of announcements, especially the MSFT haters out there. I mean, c’mon, chill. We’re real people over here and we want to make a quality product. And when we have good stories to tell, we’re gonna tell ‘em.

So, here’s today’s question: why would someone want to consider IE8 something that enables innovation and creates better customer experiences? Great question. Thanks for asking.

“Did you know that there are more than 1,700 Internet Explorer 8 add-ons available at the Add-ons Gallery , with more being added every day?” From the IE8 Myth Busting Page

I’d like to ask that you look at the following pieces of information, stored in our Microsoft Partner site, from some of our early partners. In each of the examples below, I’ve provided some quotes from the case study that stand out to me. Take a look at the video, and hear it directly from the IE8 partner. These are not new stories, but the business value is still there – almost a year after the launch at MIX in 2009.

Yahoo! Browser

“When we saw this new version of Internet Explorer come through, with its enhanced security and a whole lot of engaging new features, we realized that this was a great opportunity for us to promote this browser in a Yahoo! flavor.”
Rajiv Thondanoor, North American business lead for Web search, Yahoo

“Everybody has done textual search suggestions, but nobody’s done visual suggestions, and a picture speaks a thousand words. ” — Rajiv Thondanoor, North American business lead for Web search, Yahoo

Yahoo! Product Manager John Hazelwood says the optimized browser and most of the add-ons took only days to build. “The integration was very painless,” says Hazelwood. “Everything happened very quickly and it was straightforward, without the need for extensive testing.”…

“If the majority of our users are using a specific browser, we want to make sure that we serve their needs. It made absolute sense for us to get our existing users of Internet Explorer upgraded to our Yahoo!-flavored version of Internet Explorer 8.”
—Rajiv Thondanoor, Yahoo!’s North American business lead for Web search

In the video (at the 2:33 mark), “the latest numbers indicate that we had about 1.1 million downloads. That’s pretty cool. That’s a big number.” - Rajiv Thondanoor, North American business lead for Web search, Yahoo

Case study:

OneRiot Browser


“The combination of the popularity of Internet Explorer and the very compelling user experience we could offer just made the decision to invest in Internet Explorer a no-brainer for us.” —Tobias Peggs, general manager, OneRiot

“As soon as we saw Web Slices, the bells went off. We realized this is the perfect way to consume search results from the real-time Web.” —Tobias Peggs, general manager, OneRiot

“The beauty of working in Internet Explorer 8 is that we’re able to leverage our existing talent and, with a few additional lines of code, suddenly we’ve got a Web Slice,” says David. “It’s the idea of working smarter, building one thing, building it well, and being able to distribute it in multiple channels.” Adds Peggs, “Once you’ve determined what content you want to present, creating the Web Slice is just a few minutes of work. So the return on investment is delivered very quickly and is very impressive.”…

"Peggs says his company has found that users who have added a OneRiot Web Slice to their browser tend to visit the site 18 percent more often than users without the Web Slice"… This is also mentioned in video below at the 2:20 mark.

“The combination of Internet Explorer’s popularity and the very compelling user experience we could offer just made the decision to invest in Internet Explorer a no-brainer for us,” says Peggs…

Darren David (president and technical director, Stimulant, OneRiot’s partner) says developing Web Slices and other Internet Explorer 8 add-ons is quickly becoming a major part of Stimulant’s business. “The potential gain of new business we got for minimal investment was a big eye-opener for us,” David says…


By downloading eBay’s optimized browser, users have access to all three of eBay’s Internet Explorer 8 add-ons. Gabbai says the new eBay tools are benefiting buyers and sellers alike. “It’s all about giving a richer experience to the user and actually reaching out to the user,” says Gabbai. With Internet Explorer 8, “even if they’re not on the eBay site, they have eBay functionality at the click of a mouse.”…

“When buyers come to eBay, they want an easy user experience and they want to find great products and great deals,” says Gabbai. “What Internet Explorer 8 allows us to do is provide that experience even when users are not at the eBay site. Sellers appreciate that because they see that we’re actually pushing their great deals and great merchandise to our customers and our buyers.”…

“eBay is all about having a dialogue with its customers,” Gabbai says. “Internet Explorer 8 allows us more ways of having that dialogue through great features and a great user experience. With Web Slices, with Accelerators, and with Visual Search, we can have this dialogue and increase customer loyalty.”…

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