More games added in Zune 3.1 update

The Zune 3.0 update was a nice addition. One of the nice things was the addition of games: Hexic and Texas Hold‘em. Plus, downloading/buying the current song playing on the radio.

Today, I connected the Zune and downloaded v3.1 which includes Checkers, Space Battle, and Sudoku. Plus, there’s a new addition to the Zune Pass – not only do you get the unlimited songs, you also get to keep 10 songs per month.


Now that’s some S+S right there! Microsoft’s vision for Software-plus-Services is to power simple, seamless, integrated experiences that let people engage with their devices, and each other, according to their own individual passions. In recent years, Microsoft has applied that vision to many of its products, but nowhere is it more simply and elegantly exemplified than with Zune…