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[Jon Note: My hat is off to Josh Holmes (fellow DPE architect evangelist) for organizing these events. I think the topics are well chosen, and the presentations are well done. The next speaker, Jon Rauschenberger, may not be well known down in this part of the US; however, I would offer that one should consider the following about Jon: a principle in a successful consulting firm, known in the RD community as a rock solid technical resource, been onstage with Microsoft executives at launches and technical events like TechEd, and he spells his first name the correct way.]

Microsoft ArcREADY - Web 2.0 & Beyond

Applying Lessons to Your Company

After Tim O’Reilly’s article “What is Web 2.0” in 2005, there has been considerable buzz around Web 2.0 technologies and the companies that use them. From the open platform Facebook to the rich user interfaces of web mail clients like Microsoft Exchange, the architecture of web applications is changing rapidly. While other companies have begun to see potential business value in Web 2.0 technologies, there is still uncertainty on how to integrate those technologies into corporate activities. How can you balance corporate security needs without negating the architecture of participation that is important in Web 2.0 applications? Where is the line between internal and external applications? What can we learn from the most successful public Web services and does it apply to our internal SOA?

In select cities, our guest speaker will be Jon Rauschenberger, CTO for Clarity Consulting. Together with the Central Region Architect Evangelists, we’ll discuss lessons learned and best practices around collaboration, rich user experiences, and data syndication from existing Web 2.0 application architectures. We’ll also provide guidance how current Microsoft platform technologies like AJAX for ASP.NET, SharePoint Server 2007, and WCF can be used to turn those lessons into a practical corporate Web 2.0 architecture. Finally we’ll take a look at the next generation of Microsoft technologies like Silverlight and Visual Studio 2008 and discuss how architects can design and deploy applications beyond the current Web 2.0 experience.

Session 1: "What is Web2.0: Beyond the buzzword"

Session 2: "Architecting Web 2.0 Application on the Microsoft Platform"

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Memphis - 8/30/07

Cincinnati - 9/27/07

Nashville - 9/28/07

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