Sending Birthday Wishes on Facebook

I’ve been talking about IE add-on’s and specifically web slices for over a year now. Our team has seen a bunch of new ones hit the gallery in the last 12 months (65 from our team alone).  However, for the last week, my morning routine involves clicking on the Hallmark Reminders web slice. One of the things that I do on Facebook is attempt to tell my friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY, on or just before the appropriate day. And I hate when I miss their birthday – it’s a miss, to show a buddy that you value them. Therefore, I highly recommend this web slice.

I also want to salute my friend and fellow evangelist, Denny Boynton. Besides being a cool guy (and he’s a real drummer versus my RockBand attempts), Denny is also a contributor to the Hallmark web slice effort. Check out his thoughts on the web slice: When You Care to Send the Very Best...Use the Hallmark Reminders Web Slice.  Nicely done, sir.