Silverlight - starting to appear on real websites

I don't want this to really be my first post on Silverlight. My first post should be some thoughts on MIX since I attended - but I've leave this to later posting since there is enough Silverlight buzz. For now, I just tell people to watch the first keynote so they can get it - that will explain why there is all this Internet buzz. (And I can't wait to subscribe to the new MLB service which will use Silverlight this summer - just like my friend Dan Fox).

Now back to this post - it might be a little early before Silverlight is seen everywhere (due to a beta and a later alpha available for download), but Silverlight is showing up on real websites already. Tonight, I noticed that the main page at Microsoft.Com has an embedded Silverlight control - pushing some XBOX marketing.  I can't wait to hear what people experience as they go to this page and are prompted to install Silverlight.

Fortunately for me, I had already installed the v1.1 alpha. For those without Silverlight, I assume that it will install the Silverlight v1 beta which is due out later in the summer. I'm personally most interested in v1.1 - because of the CLR! More details on this as I learn the new technology.