The Much Asked For DevLink 2007 Jersey

Been meaning to mention this, but just haven't gotten back around to it. So, since my Cowboys are done and it's Sunday, thought that I would get this picture onto the Internet for future usage - and clean up my desktop.

Anyway, DevLink is the premier event around here as a .NET developer conference. And John Kellar and team do a great job organizing. This year was great I thought, as it had a good speaker list, content, speakers, facilities, prizes, speaker dinner, networking - and THE JERSEY!  Seems like everyone kept asking how to get one - including me. Thanks John for letting me have one after the conference.

And if you look around, there are pictures with the jersey. For example, refer to Josh's blog where he is wearing it in Indy. Anyway, here is my shot wearing THE DEVLINK 2007 JERSEY. Thanks, John. Hope that I can get there in 2008.