The News Reader SDK is waiting for you!

Tim Sneath reported this, and I think it is very cool. Way back when - when the New York Times reader came out, I loved it. What a great way to read the newspaper. Now, you can build your own application using this SDK as the foundation. Be sure to notice that it's now called the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit.  It comes with the source for a MSDN Reader which works well.


See Tim's post for a direct link to this application install (picture below).



While the Reader is the most complete sample in this first Beta, the Syndicated Client Experiences Starter Kit is intended to be extended to a wide range of content scenarios: photos, podcasts, video, etc. We’re really looking forward to see what you can do with these building blocks.

Included in this SDK:

  • Visual Studio and Expression projects
    • Sample Generic Reader (complete end to end sample, full source code)
    • MSDN Reader (application, feed and full sample source code)
    • Reader Quick Start wizard
    • Photos: a simple sample demonstrating a syndicated photo experience (full sample source code)
  • An integrated branded boostrapper for .Net 3.0 deployment and app installation via Click-Once
  • Content Sync Extensions for RSS 2.0 for rich, nested, authenticated feeds
  • SCE sync service and desktop UI redistributable components