Trying out liFe on Vista 64

Our team just got to do a hardware refresh. My other Microsoft friends are jealous because DPE gets an annual refresh. Yes, sorry about that (with sarcasm).  So, several of us got the new Lenovo T61P. So, got mine this past week, and it's sitting there in the box - and it's killing me. Then, my teammate Darryl Hogan (who helped me in my choosing of the hardware) is telling me about his walk down the path of x64 - and it's really killing me. So, I've taken the plunge on THU night - and so far (on 2 days), it's been great. The machine installed great (no wireless from OOB Vista install), then got this Lenovo update utility called "System Update", and the machine is hopping.  Installed Office 2007, the new Communicator, enabled some SP's, installed VS2008, and I'm off an running - except for two caveats.

No Flash support for x64 - bummer.  So, when hitting sites that need this, I have to run IE32. Acrobat does work though.

No Live Writer - well, officially YES, but for hackers NO. Turns out that the Live Installer is the culprit from what I've read in the public forums. But, if you can get to the individual MSI for what ever Live app that you need, it will install just fine individually. But this is a hack, and I'm not sure of the ramifications - so I'm attempting this now - like I'm using Live Writer as I write this (and did a little test successfully in my last post).

So, we'll see how it all turns out - but so far looking good. Lenovo has done a great job with supporting Vista, and this box is hopping. Check out my Vista Gadget showing the core's and memory!