Upcoming Events in NOV/DEC

ArcReady focuses on S+S. If you haven't heard this term, then you're not reading this blog. HA HA! Anyway, be sure to register at the site because events are coming to Nashville (DEC 3), Cincinnati (DEC 5), and Louisville (DEC 6). Visit the ArcReady site for the full list of sites across our Central Region.

MSDN Events push VS 2008, Astoria, and Silverlight this quarter. This is excellent content, and a good way to understand what we will release later this year (as well as launch next March). The Memphis event occurs this week on Thursday afternoon (NOV 1). Other events are in Cincinnati/Mason (NOV 27) and Chattanooga (DEC 18). And there are many more so see the link for the full schedule.

Memphis Day of .NET is on NOV 10th, and shaping up to be quite a Saturday. The location is really cool - thanks to the University of Memphis and FedEx. The speaker list is interesting as well. Please register for this FREE event.