Which version of SQLCE is on that platform?


There are some questions that I get occasionally and I have to go look them up. In an effort to cut down this look up time, I wanted to record this link. What kinds of questions am I talking about?

  • What version of VS targeted which platform? (tough to answer with new features in VS2008, but there is a table for previous versions)
  • Which VS works with a version of SQL CE?
  • Which version of SQL CE is in a certain version of a mobile O/S?
  • What about CEDB and EDB on WM5 and WM6?


And from the SQL Server Compact blog, there's a post that talks about the confusing SQLCE version namings. Specifically, this table is handy.


Product Official Name(s)

Product Codename


Client 2.0

SQL Server 2000 for Windows CE

SQL Server Compact 2.0


SQL CE 2.0

Client 3.0

SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition

SQL Server Compact 3.0


SQL CE 3.0

Client 3.1

SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition

SQL Server Compact 3.1


SQL CE 3.1

Client 3.5

SQL Server Compact 3.5


SQL CE 3.5

Server 8.0

SQL Server 2000


SQL Server 8.0

Server 9.0

SQL Server 2005


SQL Server 9.0

Server 10.0

SQL Server 2008


SQL Server 10.0