Windows 8 Launch in NYC

So, my blog has been fairly quiet as we’ve been doing the early evangelism of Windows 8, but now I can start talking again.  To start, I wanted to document some of the launch activities last week (for my reference anyway).


Windows 8 Launch Event

Remarks by Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows Division; Steve Ballmer, CEO; Julie Larson-Green, Corporate Vice President, Windows; Michael Angiulo, Corporate Vice President, Windows Planning, Hardware & PC Ecosystem, New York City, Oct. 25, 2012




Some Interesting Quotes from the Keynote

· As of today, we're pleased to share with you that Windows 7 has sold over 670 million licenses to businesses and consumers

· We've had 16 million installations of the prerelease builds of Windows.

· Today, we are pleased to share that over 1,000 new PCs have been certified for Windows 8.

· These PCs come in a wide variety of screen sizes, configurations, and designs. And in keeping with the root of what makes PCs so broadly used, we will see fully capable PCs for Windows 8 that cost under $300. That's so much cheaper than leading tablets. And these new PCs are thinner, lighter, and better than ever.

· At our grand opening, the Windows Store has more apps than any competing app store had at its opening.

· As Steven said, there are 670 million Windows PCs just waiting to be upgraded to Windows 8. That is a very large number even in the world of large numbers in this industry.

· Additionally, in the next year, analysts have forecast sales of another 400 million new PCs, most of which will run Windows 8.