Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V RTM

The Hyper-V team has been working hard on the product, as well as working with customers to get an early BANG with Hyper-V. For example, on June 25, Rob Emanuel posted about his usage of Hyper-V on This is a good read due to the background of that large application as well as a video interview with the architect.

And on June 26, Microsoft announced the RTM of Hyper-V. It's now available for download and via Windows Update (as of July 8). Another big next step.

It's surprising to me that we already have customer case studies for this technology. Besides the noted usage from (no small server environment), the RTM announcement includes the names of Land O’Lakes, HotSchedules and The SCOOTER Store. Additionally, the TechNet Virtualization blog has a post about BMW installing in 3500 locations around the world.

I also recommend viewing the Technet Virtualization blog as it has excellent posts on our virtualization story. For example, Assessment and Planning Toolikt for Hyper-V, Top 5 Things to know about Hyper-V, Linux Integration, and other enlightening posts.

Another surprise is the early positive commentary that is out there. Any Microsoft effort or product will always have some critics (especially when a product is evolving and/or late), but the positive comments are out there too.

From Chris Steffen of Kroll Factual Data, "When we started down the virtualization path, I will be the first to admit that some of the other virtualization solutions had an advantage over Microsoft, specifically in their management tools. Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) took care of that, and the improvements coming in VMM 2008 makes the Microsoft virtualization management solution the best in class..."

Another recently published post comes from Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols of ComputerWorld. Titled Kiss VmWare's Rump Good-Bye, Stephen talks about several factors going against VMware.  "Number one with a bullet, Microsoft is about to roll out its Hyper-V virtualization in Server 2008 this August. I am no friend to Microsoft, but every now and again, as they did with Excel, the boys from Redmond get something right. I've used beta of Hyper-V on Server 2008. In a word, it's 'impressive.' And, it will come to Windows shops ready to go in the server".

That's good to hear. If you've got a story about Hyper-V, I'd love to hear about it.

For more background on Hyper-V and our virtualization strategy, consider this list: