VMM Repro: Simple tracing for VMM


VMM 2012 SP1
VMM 2012 R2

VMM Repro captures detailed information on systems involved in a reproducible VMM problem. This is a verbose data capture and should be run for a short period of time while the problem is reproduced.


  • It will test to see that the right version of VMM is installed, and will point you to my other tool for older systems as needed.
  • Displays explanation of what the tool is going to do.
  • Log files are renamed after the PC, plus the date and time.
  • Log files are automatically zipped up.
  • The folder that contains the zip file opens in Explorer for you.

When to use?

When you’ve made it through the items below and are still are no closer to resolution you should consider capturing a trace.

  • Review Application and System Event logs on the SCVMM server and Hosts involved in the problem
  • Install all update and verify using Windows Update
  • Verify required basics again:
    • DNS resolution in all directions
    • Account running VMMService is located in ‘Administrators’ and ‘Virtual Machine Manager Servers’ groups on SCVMM server and Hosts
    • Hyper-V, Cluster and so on are healthy

How to use?

Elevated PowerShell prompt required.

  • Change to the directory of the script.
  • Unblock the script as it was downloaded from the internet: unblock-file .\VMMReprov1.ps1
  • Kick off with ‘.\VMMReprov4.ps1’.
  • If you get an error about not being digitally signed:
    • Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted
    • (When done with the script you can run ‘Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted’ if you like)

Troubleshooting – If ‘How to use?’ does not work

If the script does not kick off it is for one of three reasons:

  1. PowerShell console is not being run as Administrator.
  2. Scripts are not allowed to run on your system in PowerShell. Type ‘set-executionpolicy unrestricted’.
  3. The script has been blocked by the OS as it was downloaded from the internet. See illustration below for instructions.

If you get this error it means that the script has been blocked. To unblock scripts (especially ones you pull from the internet) see the next picture.


Go to properties of the script and unblock it.





Download here: