Project VAST Now Available via Premier

Hi folks -

Project VAST is growing up so fast. Seems like just yesterday it was only an idea...

Today, we are pleased to announce that Project VAST has entered a new phase: It has now become fully-supported Managed IP through Microsoft Premier.

This engenders several changes:

  • The pilot phase has completed -- and thanks to all of our pilot organizations
  • Premier organizations may now book a VAST engagement by engaging their Technical Account Manager directly
  • We are in the process of lowering customer wait-times by training local resources around the globe. At present, we have a good jump on capacity in EMEA, with the Americas and the Asia-Pacific regions to follow
  • We are now offering this as a five-day standard engagement; four-days onsite and one day with the PFE remote

For additional information on the Project VAST Premier Engagement, please go here.

And if your organization is not yet a Premier customer, please go here for information on becoming one.

That's it for now. I'll return shortly with a technical blog about another one of VAST's capabilities. Until then, happy auditing.