Import Export Wizard is not Copy Database Wizard

During a recent work with one of our customers I did notice that it is not always clear what tools are available and required to copy SQL Server database objects, understanding “object” as a whole database or only part of it (table, view, user, etc.)

As part of this work, my customer was trying to copy several databases between two different SQL Server instances but after several tests he was finding that although the tables were correctly copied, other objects as views and primary keys were not correctly transferred. It come to my attention that he was using the SQL Server Import Export Wizard to transfer the databases between one instance and another. Import Export Wizard can be launched from within SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) or directly from a command prompt window typing DTSWizard.exe (further information about how to start Import Export Wizard can be found on this MSDN link)


As indicated on the startup page on the Import Export Wizard, this tool can be used to copy data between different data sources and we have the option to recreate the destination database and tables, however this is not the right tool to use if we want to copy the whole database (not only tables, but all other objects) from one instance to another. The following Books Online link tries to clarify this difference:

The purpose of the SQL Server Import and Export Wizard is to copy data from a source to a destination. The wizard can also create a destination database and destination tables for you. However, if you have to copy multiple databases or tables, or other kinds of database objects, you should use the Copy Database Wizard instead

Copy Database Wizard will allow you to copy entire databases from one SQL Server instance into another (or the same, if you desire to do so) retaining the full database structure and objects. You can use two different methods to copy the databases and it is possible to keep the source database online while the copy is taking place, the following image shows these options:


You can launch Copy Database Wizard directly from SSMS right-clicking on any database > Tasks > Copy database. You will see that this option (red) is side-by-side with the Import Export Wizard (green):


Copy Database Wizard support the copy of databases between SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 providing an effective and simple way of upgrading databases between these two versions. For this wizard to work, SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 should be installed not only on the server where we are executing the tool but also on the destination server. For more information about this option please, refer to SQL Server Books Online.

In summary, if you want to copy entire databases between different SQL Server instances, Copy Database Wizard is your tool. If you want to export data or import data from/into SQL Server or other data sources or just want to copy some tables, use Import Export Wizard. If you need to copy data and perform modifications during this process with a fine-grain control you will find a better solution by building and Integration Services package in Business Intelligence Development Studio.