CRM 4.0 RTM VPC, Tools and Sample Data

Thanks to Michael Rich the new VPC Image is now available as a download. In addition there is a great demonstration tool, which helps you to prepare your demo environment and demo data. The VPC image is a one computer setup including Microsoft CRM 4.0 and associated Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients for Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The base language is English and the following language packs are already installed: German, French, Danish and Dutch, However, you can easily add other language packs by downloading them here. Beside the basic infrastructure components the image contains Microsoft Office Professional 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Microsoft Performance Point Server and Microsoft Office Communication Server to help you to demo the overall Microsoft value proposition.

But please keep in mind: Much more important than just a good demo platform are your skills to prepare and execute a software demo. There is fortunately a good book, which explains the art of demonstrating software in a very impressive way. By using the right demoing methods and by avoiding common pitfalls you can easily improve the quality of your software demonstrations and win more customers.

Learn more about this great book at amazon: Demonstrating to Win!

Best regards from Whistler