Microsoft Dynamics CRM JScript Export Tool

I recently had to transfer several customizations to a different CRM installation. While Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers an export and import functionality, in this case I just wanted to select specific client side customizations. However, manually grabbing all jscript code is a little bit time consuming. Instead, I wrote a few lines of code to export all jscript code without annoying interaction.VS Project CRM to JS Export


The code is pretty straight forward, so feel free to modify. You can download the VS 2008 project here: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Jscript Export Tool

Before you start this tool, you have to change the app.config according to your CRM installation:


After running the tool, all client side jscript will be stored at the declared output folder.Running-CRM-Jscript-Export-Tool

The result will be a list of all entities containing jscript separated by event type and further by form and field events.


Hopefully you like this tool. In the final stage of this tool, it will be even possible to write changes back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.