RTM* for Microsoft Dynamics CRM code-named "Titan"

Congratulations to the whole Microsoft Dynamics CRM development team! Craig Unger (GM Microsoft Dynamics CRM R&D) and Brad Wilson (GM for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Business) just send out the internal note about the sign off and the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – formerly code-named “Titan”. This is a remarkable milestone for our CRM product, and enables us and our partners to deliver a whole new level of value and innovation to our customers. More information in the press release.

What I have seen so far, our development team has done an absolutely outstanding job in this release by delivering a unified code base that supports both on-premise and on-demand deployments. So our customers will be able to make the best decision based on their needs and requirements.

From small businesses to large enterprises, the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers an excellent user experience and exceptional ease of use and configuration. In addition the underlying platform technology of this new release raises the bar of customization to an undreamed level of flexibility to deliver world-class customer relationship systems for every type of business.

We will have a very fast localization process and in the next few days you will see a detailed plan for all 25 languages and their availability.
I am so excited about the new release, so please expect tons of postings on my blog about this release. Thanks again to the whole “Titan” team for delivering such a great product.

*Release to Manufacturing