Updated version of the Software Development Kit

Have you seen the updated SDK? The updated download can be found here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=9c178b68-3a06-4898-bc83-bd14b74308c5&displaylang=en

The following table contains a summary of changes:

Area of SDK




  • Added information about how to retrieve all attributes in a callout.
  • Added note about callouts for system generated activities such as an OrderClose activity.


Class/Message Reference Documentation


Assign Message

  • Entity instances cannot be assigned to teams. Removed erroneous documentation.
  • Added a note to the Assign message regarding the use of the Route message for changing the ownership of an incident.



  • Clarified information about changing styles for a TimeBlock.


Quote Detail, Sales Order Detail, Opportunity Product

  • Changed RetrieveQuantity references to GetQuantityDecimal.


Sample Code

InstantiateTemplate, SendEmail

  • Added reference sample code to messages.


Download an Attachment

  • Added sample code to demonstrate how to download an attachment programmatically.


CRUD Operations Using Dynamic Entities

  • Added sample code to demonstrate basic create, update, retrieve and delete operations using dynamic entity.


Retrieve the Localized State Name

  • Added sample code to demonstrate how to retrieve the localized state name.


Route an Incident from a User to a Queue

  • Added sample code to demonstrate how to route an incident from a user to a queue.


Helper Code for CRM Types

  • Added examples and documentation for the CRM types helper code.


Support and Certification

  • Added a topic on Support for .NET Framework Versions.  
  • Made additions to the topic on Unsupported Customizations.


Client Side Scripting


  • Bug fix in sample code for the OnSave method.
  • Updated sample code for the Lookup field type.


Introducing the Microsoft CRM Web service

  • Reorganized the topic describing the Execute method to improve clarity.




  • Fixed broken links throughout SDK.