Windows Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services

Windows Azure 

For quite a while now we have heard Microsoft talk about the next shift in the software industry and we have called it our Software + Services (S+S) strategy, also known simply as cloud computing.

And today, chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced Windows Azure, a cloud operating system that serves as the development and run-time environment for the Azure Services Platform. While this is definitely interesting in itself, I would like to point out, that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be part of the Azure Services Platform.

This leads Microsoft to a very unique position compared to other competitors in the CRM space. Unlike them, we are offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premise and we have a service offering with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, but also we offer a complete service platform that allows developers to create any type of application and they don't have to stay within the boundaries of CRM-related applications.

If you are interested in cloud computing and why this is related to Microsoft Dynamics CRM I highly recommend you to watch the on-demand webcast of the PDC keynote (750kbps).

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