Never open a Camelbak bottle filled with water in the middle of a flight

I recently flew up to Seattle for work. I drink a lot of water, and when I fly, I typically buy a bottle of water at the airport and take it on the plane so I can put on some music and pretend I’m not stuck on a plane for hours.  This time, I decided I would pack my water bottle in my back pack, then fill it up after I got through security. I drink a ton of water and a few years ago picked up some Camelbak water bottles to avoid buying a bunch of individual bottles. They’re pretty cool, and the straw on top flips open and closed to keep them from leaking. If you’re in the market for a water bottle, these work great.


I’m sitting next to the window, and after about an hour into the flight, I get thirsty and pull the bottle out of the pocket in front of me. I flip up the straw to get a drink and water starts spraying out all over the window and wall next to me. It looked similar to holding your finger over a water hose!!!!

hose with finger[1]

After a couple seconds staring at the water spraying all over the side of the plane, I realized it would be a good idea to close the straw and stop the water works. The window and wall next to me was pretty soaked at this point. I look to my right to see if the woman next to me had seen the water show to find her staring at me with water all over her face and arm! I guess it was bouncing off the wall with pretty good force, or she got in the line of fire while I was closing the straw on the bottle. She had a look of disbelief on her face, and says to me in a deadpan voice, “I guess there was a lot of pressure in that bottle”. I cracked up laughing while trying to apologize, and she was very understanding once I told her it was only water and nothing sticky.

Lesson learned. On my way home, I bought a bottle of water at the airport with a screw on cap.