What servicing questions do you have?

I am finishing up some training internally here on servicing technologies and will probably leverage some of that content to this blog for external consumption after the holidays. 

One thing I wanted to know from those of you who look over the blog is what specific questions you have in regards to servicing and how it works?  I would like to make sure that I address some or all of those questions next year.  I ask that you dont ask questions that you know I cant really answer for you like "Why dont you bring back update.exe?" and things like that, I dont have control over that.

However I think we could have some good discussions on how different things work, how they are fixed, etc.  I still welcome criticism in the comments too, I just wont be able to do much about them here :)

Hope everyone has a good holiday period, please load up the comments and I will do what I can.