Error on adding a SQL cluster node (or more simply "Ooops")

I was installing a new clustered SQL (2008) instance via command line scripts, something that I've done now somewhere between 500 and a bajillion times.  The first node of the cluster went fine, but when trying to add additional nodes, I ran into an error I'd never seen before.

"The edition of the currently installed remote node cannot be determined. All failover cluster nodes must be the same SQL Server edition. This problem may indicate a problem with the remote node. Reinstalling SQL Server on the remote node may correct the problem."

It turns out that, to my chagrin, that I'd neglected to change the instance name in the AddNode script to the name of the instance I was installing (i.e. I was installing a SQL instance with name "InstanceB" and my add node script still was referencing "InstanceA") so it was an easy fix.  I guess that the error message is still technically correct, if not very helpful.  I post this here just in case anyone else has an issue as that error did not turn up in any searches I did.