About me

I am a consultant working for Microsoft Consulting Services. I design enterprise software for major customers, mostly in the financial services and public administration markets.

As many youngsters of my generation, I first got exposed to computers in early 1980's through the Sinclair ZX Spectrum and movies like War Games.

I specialized in object-oriented programming, particularly in building enterprise software.Today I'm focusing on SOA, SaaS, S+S and Cloud Computing. I'm deeply interested in exploring new paradigms, specially when they can be abstracted from other fields of science or art.

I've also worked as a consultant on software development process improvement and agile methodologies for several customers throughout the years. I've gained a lot of experience in this field and I speak frequently on the subject in public events. Public presentations is something I enjoy doing, because it allows me to meet new and interesting people and discuss some of my favorite topics.

I live in Lisbon, Portugal, where the summers are still warm and the winters somewhat rainy but not too cold.

To know more about me, check out my View José Almeida's profile on LinkedIn.