Apply these Windows Server 2008 hotfixes to avoid known Hyper-V issues

If you are building a Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V server from scratch, you will need a few updates to get the latest fixes in your server.

One of these is the KB950050 update, which brings the Hyper-V code from the beta version to the released (RTM) version.

That Hyper-V RTM update is on Windows Update already, so you will certainly get it as soon as you get your server updated (which you always should).

However, there are a few updates that won’t come down that way, since they apply only to specific scenarios. Here is a list of Hyper-V updates:

Article Number Description Date Released When it’s needed
950050 Hyper-V RTM 26-Jun-2008 Always, also in Windows Updates
950182 Resolve issue with Hyper-V virtual machine running x86 version of Windows using fewer processors than expected if the number of cores on a socket is not a power of 2 11-Apr-2008 If Windows x86-based VM used with a 6-core processor, apply to child
951308 Increased functionality and virtual machine control in the Windows Server 2008 Failover Cluster Management console for the Hyper-V role 11-Sep-2008 If Failover Clustering is used
951636 Hyper-V Language Pack Update for Windows Server 2008 11-Sep-2008 If using the additional languages offered
952627 Remote management of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V 11-Sep-2008 If managing Hyper-V remotely, apply to remote
953585 Resolve issue when you try to start a Hyper-V virtual machine on a Windows Server 2008 computer that uses the NUMA architecture 04-Sep-2008 If NUMA hosts are used
953828 Resolve issue with NLB host not working as expected on virtual machines 25-Jun-2008 If NLB is used, apply to child
956589 Resolve potential issues when you manage Hyper-V with SCVMM 23-Sep-2008 If SCVMM is used
956697 Resolve issue in which the Hyper-V Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) does not back up virtual machines properly 08-Sep-2008 If VSS is used for backups
956710 Increased number of logical processors to 24 and virtual machines to 192 23-Sep-2008 If more than 16 logical processors are used
956774 Resolve the scenario where a BITS client cannot handle files that have paths that contain the volume GUID in Windows Server 2008 23-Sep-2008 If volume GUIDs are used
957967 Resolve issue with Hyper-V memory management 08-Oct-2008 If issue described surfaces
958065 Resolve issue with Hyper-V and Failover Clustering combined with a storage device managed by a third-party clustered file system or a third-party replication solution 03-Nov-2008 If third-party clustered file system or third-party replication solution used
958184 Resolve issue with virtual machine backup operations failing in Windows Server 2008 when Hyper-V virtual machine files are saved on a volume that is mounted on a failover cluster by using a volume GUID 05-Nov-2008 If backing up a volume mounted using a volume GUID

Implement these updates if they apply to your specific scenario. This will help avoid some known issues and save you a support call. Be sure to read the entire KB article and follow all the instructions provided there.



After the publication of this blog post, a new official source for the list of Hyper-V updates became available.
Please refer to as your comprehensive list of Hyper-V updates.