I will be speaking at the //build/ conference next month

Just a short post to share that I will be speaking at the BUILD conference next month. The conference will happen in Anaheim-CA, from 9/13 to 9/16. You can read more at the official site: https://www.buildwindows.com. The full agenda is not published yet, but you will be able to see details (like title and abstract) when it does become public. I can guarantee you it will be interesting :-)

If you’re registered to attend, I look forward to meeting you there in person. The event is sold out, so it’s too late to register now. However, the content will be made available online, as confirmed in this blog post. Follow @bldwin on twitter for updates on the conference.

Speaking of blogs, you might also want to read the new “Building Windows 8” blog at https://blogs.msdn.com/b/b8. The first post by Steven Sinofsky went online yesterday and it already has hundreds of comments… Follow @buildwindows8 on twitter to get notified of new posts there.