Microsoft at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference

The SNIA Storage Developer Conference is happening next week in Santa Clara, CA.
Microsoft is participating in the CIFS/SMB/SMB2 track of the SDC, delivering 9 of the 18 sessions in this track.
Microsoft is also underwriting the CIFS/SMB/SMB2 Plugfest at the SDC and many of Microsoft’s SMB2 architects, developers, and testers will be there.
They will working hard to help other participants test their interoperable CIFS/SMB/SMB2 implementations on non-Windows platforms. 
The Plugfest promises to be a very busy event, with over a dozen companies coming to test and debug for four days.
You won’t find better proof of how important Interoperability is to Microsoft than at this event.

Check all the event details at
Please note that the registration for the event is still open and, if you plan to be in the Silicon Valley next week, you should consider showing up as a “walk-in” attendee.