My top tweets from 2016

These are my top tweets from each month in 2016, according to


January 2016


New blog post: My Top Reasons to Use OneDrive jan1


New FileCab blog: Updating Firmware for Disk Drives in Windows Server 2016 (TP4) jan2


Updated Intel HD 5000 driver (released alongside the new Surface Pro 3 firmware) fixed my SP3 display driver issues.



February 2016


ICYMI: Learning PowerShell? Make it fun with the "Adventure House Game". feb1


How much data in your local OneDrive folder? This PowerShell small script will tell you: feb2


March 2016


Video: The @onedrive recycle bin.
Recover files or folders you accidentally deleted.



The real and complete story - Does Windows defragment your SSD? by @shanselman via mar2


FileCab: The Android app for Work Folders has been released to the Google PlayStore mar3


April 2016


Intel Optane Demo - File Transfer at 2GB/s - IDF Shenzhen via @pcper apr1


Watching the #Build2016 day 2 keynote with @scottgu from apr2


New FileCab blog: Data Deduplication in Windows Server 2016 apr3


May 2016

New blog: Microsoft Ignite 2015 sessions related to OneDrive and SharePoint may1


OneDrive app for Windows 10 available for Desktop - Get the app from may2


Know your dialects.
Using CIFS to refer to SMB 2/3 is like saying POP and IMAP are the same.
Thanks @JoseBarreto nice quote #SMBCloud


June 2016


OneDrive sync stuck? Reset it! Use <Windows><R> then type:
%localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset



Administrative settings for the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client. jun2


July 2016


Has anyone used the OneDriveMapper tool?
Interested in learning how well it worked for you...



@JoseBarreto Wanted to personally thank you for test-storagehealth.ps1.
I use it every day and it has made my life easier.


The WPC 2016 (Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference) keynote video is available at jul2


August 2016


Windows Server 2016 Dedup Documentation Now Live! New blog by Will Gries. aug1


Devs can go to and purchase up to 5 Hololens. No application required!



September 2016


Stop using SMB1 by @NerdPyle – "Please. We’re begging you." sep1


Reached 3,000 followers today!



From #MSIgnite
- 400M Windows 10 monthly active devices
- 70M Office 365 monthly active users
- 1B logins per day by Azure Active Directory



October 2016


ICYMI: Lepton image compression: saving 22% losslessly from images at 15MB/s via Dropbox oct1


Storage Spaces Direct with Persistent Memory: 8 DL380 Gen9, Mellanox CX-4 100Gbps, 16 8GiB NVDIMM-N, 4 NVMe. oct2


@JoseBarreto $8.55/chip for 20 GbE is hard to beat. :-)
Imagine now if ODMs start putting @intel Thunderbolt on the motherboard!


November 2016


Futurism: Microsoft Releases Quantum Computing Simulator to the Public nov1


Anti-virus optimization for Windows Containers. Avoiding redundant scanning of Windows Container files. nov2


December 2016


Official Windows Blog: Symlinks in Windows 10! dec1


To show spaces and tabs in Visual Studio, press Ctrl-R then Ctrl-W.
Press the same sequence again to turn it off.