SNIA's SDC 2016: Public slides and live streaming for Storage Developer Conference

SNIA’s Storage Developer Conference (SDC 2016) is happening this week in Santa Clara, CA.
This developer-focused conference cover several storage topics like Cloud, File Systems, NVM, Storage Management, and more.
You can see the agenda at SDC 2016 Banner


However, there a few thing happening differently this time around.
First, most of the slides are available immediately. SNIA used to wait a few months before publishing them publicly.
This year you can find the PDF files available right now at

SNIA is also offering the option to watch some of talks live via YouTube.
This Tuesday (9/20) and Wednesday (9/21), they will be streaming from 9AM to 12PM (Pacific time).
You can watch them at SNIA’s channel at

One thing hasn’t changed: there are many great talks on hottest storage topics for developers.
Here is a list of the presentations including Microsoft Engineers as presenters.