Zune Combos

Because nobody reads the (online) manual anymore, I've collected the some of the common "keyboard" shortcuts for the Zune device and software. May this page provide you with a happier Zuning experience.


Power On, Wake (while the device is off)

Press Play

Quick Sleep (while the device is on)

Hold Play

Full power off

Hold Back and Down

Return to the main menu

Hold Back

Reset / reboot (while the device is on)

Hold Back and Up

Device Recovery (reformat)

1. Hold Down and Back to power off.

2. On a 2nd generation device (Zune 4/8/80): Hold Back, the Center pad button, and Play.

2. On a 1st generation device (Zune 30): Hold Back, Left, Center, and Play.


Note: Afterwards, your device will need to be attached to a PC to initialize and download the latest firmware.


Disclaimer: Use only as directed by support etc., etc.


Notice: The information here pertains to current devices with firmware version 2.3; other versions (past or future) reserve the right to change these combos.

PC Software

Toggle Shuffle


Toggle Play/Pause




Toggle Repeat




Increase Volume


Decrease Volume


The extra media buttons on some keyboards also work for keyboardizing stop, play, pause, next track, and previous track.


More PC keyboard shortcuts can be found on the Zune help site here.