Removing the Upgrade Status Bar in SharePoint 2013

In SharePoint 2013, after you upgrade a site collection to “14 mode,” site collection administrators will see a status bar message at the top of the screen informing them they have the ability to upgrade their site to “15 mode.” Administrators can dismiss this alert message and it will hide the notification bar for 30 days (default value). 



If you want to adjust the upgrade status bar reminder time period from default value of 30 days, you can execute the following PowerShell, substituting your new value for the number of days (1000 days in the example code). Keep in mind, site collection administrators will still see the message once and need to dismiss it for it to hide for your new configured number of days.

 Get-SPWebApplication | % { $_.UpgradeReminderDelay = 1000; $_.Update() } 

If you want to site collection administrators to never see the notification, you will need to force each site collection to update it’s next notification date.  This method still allows your site collection administrators to take advantage of the self-service site collection upgrade capabilities, just not show them the message.

 Get-SPWebApplication | % { 
    $_.UpgradeReminderDelay = 1000; $_.Update() }
Get-SPSite -Limit All -CompatibilityLevel 14 | % { 
    $_.ExtendUpgradeReminderDate() } 

If you want hide the upgrade notification message and disable the ability for site collection administrators to use self-service site upgrade, you can disable it at the site collection level.

 Get-SPSite -Limit All -CompatibilityLevel 14 | % { 
    $_.AllowSelfServiceUpgrade = $false }

If the self-service upgrade option is disabled and a site collection administrator attempts the upgrade, they will receive this notification message.