Changing Service Administrator on Azure Portal

A passport account is required to get access to Azure portal. Service Admisitrator and billing contact can be two seperate identity.

If you want to change the service administrator ID on your subscription, You will need to Login to MOCP and then follow the below steps.

ü  Login to

ü  Click on Subscription Tab on the top

ü  You will see your Azure subscription under “Subscriptions” tab.

ü  On the right side of the Azure Subscription, you will find “Actions”

ü  Please select “Edit service details” from the dropdown and click “Go”

ü  You will see a service activation window

ü  Click on Next on Service Details

ü  Then you will see “Service Administrator” page

                Here, in this page you will be able to change the Service Administrator ID.

ü  Then click on Next to complete the process.

The above given steps will help you change the service administrator ID. This will also allow you to have two sperated logins for billing and Managing the service.

In some cases there could be a scenario where you signed up to use Azure with your domain. However either some user id or a domain is not compatible as it is not fedrated. Federation is a trust based agreement between two organisations. Follow the link to get more information on Microsoft Federation Gateway

This could lead to a problem statement where users are not able to log in using their passport ID with non-federated email id. Following the above steps it is possible to have them both seperated for easy usage.