Meet the Bloggers/Meet the Boss

I'd like to take an opportunity to introduce my ISV Architecure/Developer Advisor colleagues - starting first with the east coast first.

Alex Onik is my counterpart based in Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to the Microsoft platform, he has significant background on J2EE and object-oriented design patterns. He's promised to help demystify all the patternazzi-speak I have trouble with, and I'm holding him to it.

John Shipway is my counterpart based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He has significant experience within the Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical, and likes to collect samples of buzzword-laden corporatese.

Michael Earls is the most prolific and artistic blogger of our team. You can check out all the great work he's done with the Acrylic beta on his Cerebral Kitchen site (including a scarily lifelike avatar.) [:)]

And of course I'd be remiss if I didn't refer you to my manager, Larry Gregory. Larry's based in Connecticut, but does lots of travel. He and I have had some international misadventures (in which he kept me off the streets of Zurich by throwing me a really tough Notes API + MQ Series integration problem to solve on a really early version of BizTalk Server.

It's my pleasure to work for Larry and to work with such a great team, and if you'd like to join us (and are living in the Philadelphia/DC metro area), you might want to apply via this job posting (