MsgBoxViewer 13.20 is available : Improved UI, new Dashboard report, predefined profiles

Hello BizTalk community,


I continued  to work on MBV since its recent version 13, improving its UI and updating again its repository (queries and rules).

I also fixed some issues that were reported to me and I added some interesting features :


1) MBV provides now a new section named "Dashboard report".
This section contains in fact all indicators considered as critical for the good health of a BizTalk group  and will allow you to have a very quick view of the state of your BizTalk System.
This view was missing from my experience spent with some BT admins; indeed, the existing “Summary Report” section contains already lot of important information but we don’t know obviously what is crucial to monitor among that volume of information  and what is reflecting the good health of a BT System.
 This Dashboard section takes so only some important entries of the Summary Report  and isolate them in a specific section.
Idealy I would appreciate to have also a such view in one tab of the Hub  page of the BizTalk console, showing quickly the number of total messages in all MsgBox queues, the used space of the BizTalk databases, the state of the jobs,etc... ;-)

This is a sample view of that section :


Dashboard Report   

Item Caption Item Value
BizTalk Databases - Sizes  
Total DB Space Used  for MGMT DB "BizTalkMgmtDb" on MJPAUCLT 12.00 MB
Total DB Space Used  for MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 8.84 MB
Total DB Space Used  for DTA DB "BizTalkDTADb" on MJPAUCLT 7.66 MB
Total DB Space Used  for BAM PRIMARY IMPORT DB "BAMPrimaryImport" on MJPAUCLT 6.69 MB
Total DB Space Used  for RULEENGINE DB "BizTalkRuleEngineDb" on MJPAUCLT 3.22 MB
Total DB Space Used  for SSO DB "SSODB" on MJPAUCLT 5.67 MB
BizTalk Host Instances  
Total Host Instances 2
Total Host Instances Running 1
Total Tracking Host Instances Running 1
MJPAUCLT: BizTalkServerApplication (PID:4524.000) Memory = 73863170.000 bytes, Thread Count = 76.000
Ports, Pipelines & Orchs  
Total Receive Locations 3
Receive Locations disabled 2
Total Send Ports 2
Send Ports stopped 0
Total Orchestrations Deployed 4
Orchestrations stopped 0
BizTalk Jobs  
Backup BizTalk Server (BizTalkMgmtDb) State=Disabled,Sched=15m,No History Found
CleanupBTFExpiredEntriesJob_BizTalkMgmtDb State=Enabled,Sched=12h,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
DTA Purge and Archive (BizTalkDTADb) State=Disabled,Sched=1m,No History Found
MessageBox_DeadProcesses_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=1m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
MessageBox_Parts_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=1m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
MessageBox_Message_ManageRefCountLog_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Not Running,Sched=1m
MessageBox_Message_Cleanup_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Disabled,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
PurgeSubscriptionsJob_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=1m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
TrackedMessages_Copy_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=1m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
MessageBox_UpdateStats_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=5m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000001
Operations_OperateOnInstances_OnMaster_BizTalkMsgBoxDb State=Enabled,Sched=1m,Last Status=Succeeded,Last Duration (hhmmss)=000000
Longer job's duration (except 'Message_ManageRefCountLog') 000001 Sec (MessageBox_UpdateStats_BizTalkMsgBoxDb)
DTA Tables  
Larger table "dta_Services" - 1016 KB -59 Rows
MsgBox Tables  
Larger table - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT "Fragments" - 1064 KB - 33 Rows
Total in MsgBox TrackingData table(s) - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 96 KB - 0 Rows
Total in Tracking Body tables - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 0 KB - 0 Rows
Total in Q tables (Work + Suspended) - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 112 KB - 10 Rows
MsgBox Queues  
Total Suspended Messages - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 10
Total Suspended Resumables Messages - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 10
Total Pending Messages in Work Q - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 0
"BizTalkServerApplicationQ_Suspended" has most Suspended Messages 10
MsgBox Database Integrity  
Message Refs w/out Spool rows 0
Messages w/out RefCounts 0
Message Refs w/out Instances 0
Subscriptions w/out Instances 0
InstanceState w/out Instances 0
Messages with RefCount = -1 0
Messages processed  
Today Sent = 0, Received = 0
Service Instances  
Ready To Run - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 0
Active - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 1
Suspended Non-Resumable - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 5
Suspended Resumable - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 5
Dehydrated - MSGBOX DB 1 (MASTER) "BizTalkMsgBoxDb" on MJPAUCLT 0


2) I also changed a little bit the size and orientation of the frames of the generated HTML files to clarify again the output.

 This is a sample of the new output :



 3) I  added finally the possibility to change more quickly the current profile in both UI and console version of MBV and added some two predefined profiles "Minimum" and "Full".

I recall that  a profile stores the selected queries, the query custom properties, and all the MBV global options, and each profile is stored in a file prefixed by "MBVSettings_".
At MBV UI startup a combobox is populated by all the profile files enumerated in the current MBV folder. 
You can  so select in one click your current profile in the combobox visible on the main page of MBV UI (or as argument in MBVConsole), and also select the predefined "Minimum" or "Full" profile.
Selecting the Minimum profile will select only the queries of the "Important" category as opposed the Full profile selecting all the queries of all the categories.

This quick selection of a predefined profile is mush faster than checking/unchecking manually the queries in each category.


This version of MBV is available as an attachment in that post.



I look forward to have your feedbacks on that version and you can contact me of course if you want to report issue or suggestions.


in next posts I will discuss more about the global options of MBV to cutomize the report according to your own needs .
You have indeed the possibility to keep only the sections you are interested by, just by changing some global options. Stay tuned so !

Thanks !