Install Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS


I had trouble getting Visual Studio Code to install by simple clicking on the package from  Whether I tried do download or use Ubuntu Software to install this I got an error: status code 400: Bad Request.


Download the .deb package from the Visual Studio Code site, then right click on the desktop and open a terminal:


Go to the Download directory.  Type cd Dow and hit the tab key to complete the directory name:


Type ls to list the files in the Download directory and find the code_ package:


Install the package with this command sudo dpkg –i code (and hit tab to complete the name):


Provide your password and Visual Studio Code will install.

NOTE: if you get dependency errors when using dpkg with a package, simply type sudo apt-get install –f  which will download and install missing dependencies and configure them.

Now, find it and run it:


And you can right click on the icon in the side bar (Launcher) and choose Lock to Launcher so you don’t need to hunt for it again!




Just a quick blog to help you out.  If you find it helpful, please let me know!

Note:  You can kick of Visual Studio Code in a terminal window if you are command line guy like me by simply typing code in the terminal.