Announcing : Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1

And yes, here it is the RTM version of the so long waited Service Pack 1 for the Exchange Server 2010 :)


I know it's summer time and that we all should be staring at the sea, but there is work to be done so that our customers feel most valued during all year.


The announcement was done by Kevin Allison, General Manager of the Exchange Customer Experience Team and the link is here :


You Had Me At EHLO... : The Future of Exchange Starts Here: Exchange Server 2010 SP1 Is Now Available


The download link is also available at :

Download details: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1


I will be "back" at work on the next week so, expect somer more news related to the new features on the weeks that follow.


Kindest regards,


João Ribeiro