Meet with the VB Team at TechEd!

Are you going to be down at TechEd in Orlando in a couple of weeks?  Are you interested in meeting with the Visual Basic team while you’re down there?


Nine people from the VB team are going to be down at TechEd and we’re very interested in meeting with as many customers as possible while we’re down there.  We’re going to be hosting a couple of customer round tables (stay tuned to this location for more details on time and location). 


If you have questions about Visual Basic, want to give the team some feedback on Visual Basic 2005 or have ever wondered “why did they do it that way”, please drop me a line at and we’ll see about setting up some time to get together.  We’d also love to see a demo of the applications that you’re building and get more information on what you consider to be most important.


Hope to see you there!