New Challenges

After 5 years in DevDiv marketing, I’ve recently made a change to the Windows Mobile group where I’ll be leading a team looking at product management and product planning for the developer space. It’s bittersweet – DevDiv has been a great place to work and I’ve made a lot of friends in that group and in the community. However, there’s also a lot of opportunity in the mobile space and I’m very glad that I’m going to get to keep working with developers. Plus, I get to play with a lot of cool phones… ;-)

I haven’t been in role long enough to have anything to announce here yet…although I’m really looking forward to some of the stuff I’m going to get to announce! As we say in Microsoft parlance, I’m drinking from the firehose! Even knowing the developer audience fairly well, there’s still a ton to learn. I’m curious to hear from you: How many of you do mobile app development (for Windows Mobile or another platform)? What makes it compelling? Do you look for consumer apps or enterprise apps? What are the big pain points?

A lot of those questions get answered in focus groups, internal research, online communities, and just reading the daily press since there seems to be a mobile article every day. However, I wanted to ask this community directly.

I’m down at PDC this week in LA. If anybody’s down there and interested in meeting up, please drop me a line!