TechEd User Group Tours

While we were down in San Diego for TechEd, we stopped at the San Diego .NET User Group and did a combined VB/C# presentation of the new stuff that's coming in Whidbey for both languages.  It was pretty interesting because the audience was divided among VB and C# programmers.  Jay Schmelzer started out doing a demo of the new stuff that's coming in VB Whidbey.  I've seen Jay's demo a number of times and it's usually pretty good; Unfortunately, halfway through the demo, VS decided that it had had enough and died with a “Catastrophic Failure” dialog.  Needless to say, this took a little bit of the steam out of the demo.  Jay recovered well and made it through the usual demos of ClickOnce, Edit and Continue, AutoCorrect and a bunch of the rest of the stuff that's coming.  Joe followed up with a demo of C#.  The refactoring stuff was really well received and Joe had a slick demo using the Quake rendering engine which went over well.  Both of the presenters did a great job despite some demo failures and we'll need to do more user group meetings that have both C# and VB components.