About Jeremy Rule


I'm an engagement manager in Partner Services at Microsoft. We work with other software companies to help their development activities and ultimately decrease their time to market. You can find us on the web or email me if you want more information on Partner Advantage.


I live in North Bend, Washington with my wife and two kids. I went to school at Central Washington University studying cello and playing in the Yakima Symphony. After being bit by the computer bug I switched over to computer science and got a job working on systems programming for the university. Terry Niles, now retired, had this great apprentice program which taught me about maintaining and improving production systems. Shortly before graduating I took a job at Comtronic Systems writing a Windows version of their debt collection software.

An unknown-at-the-time company, Enron, recruited me away and I went there for nearly four years. Enron was an exciting place to work and was growing extremely fast. I spent a lot of time on the trading floor helping traders use technology to gain an advantage. I left in '99 so I missed all the fireworks but I do have a good understanding of wholesale energy trading and financial derivatives. I've give a lectures at the colleges and universities titled "How Enron Made Money."

In 1999 I moved back to the Seattle area to work for Microsoft as a consultant in what was Premier Support for Developers. These days I manage consultants who work with our ISV partners but I try to maintain my geeky edge by blogging.

Interesting Trivia

  • I play a mean electric cello.
  • In one weekend I built a dotcom and sold the whole business. I'll blog about this later.
  • I like to say I coined the term "web scraping" (yeah, I know it's based on "screen scraping.")

Contact Me

EMail: jrule@microsoft.com

MSN Messenger : macaw2000@hotmail.com