Installing the WPF/E VS Templates

I just got a new laptop which required a fresh install of all my applications including Visual Studio and the associated WPF/E developer extensions.  As part of re-setting this up, I realized it required a bit more research than I expected so I'm replaying the steps here (mostly found in the WPF/E SDK).

  1. Install Visual Studio 2005 (or Install Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and skip steps 3 and 4).
  2. Exit Visual Studio
  3. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Update to Support Web Application Projects available on the Download Center.
  4. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Projects available on MSDN Online.
  5. Install WPF/E if not already installed (WPF/E: Windows, Mac).
  6. Install the WPF/E SDK available here (you can do this at any point prior to this step).
  7. Run the template installer, WPFEVSTemplate.msi, located in the WPF/E SDK directory: <ProgramFiles>\Microsoft SDKs\WPFE\Tools

That's it.  To create a new WPF/E web project, in Visual Studio select File -> New Project... and then select the "WPF/E JavaScript Application" from the Visual C# Project type list (note that this project is not dependent on C# nor enables C# integration).