Update on Feature Requests

I am continuing to aggregate the requests and have the updated and abbreviated list below (removed items with less than 1 or 2 requests). A couple of comments based on some of the requests:

I am tracking 3D even though ScottGu announced Silverlight 3 will support 3D. For Silverlight 3, we are introducing the ability to treat 2D objects as if they are in 3D space. You can view this support as being able to draw content (XAML) onto a postcard and then position that postcard in 3D space (this is also called perspective transformations or non-affine transformations). What I am tracking for “3D” is the ability to do full 3D – which is the ability to have full 3D objects/models (e.g. a 3D box vs. a postcard) and rotate/shade/light that object.

I have not included an item for bitmap effects as we have announced plans to support a pixel shader model in Silverlight 3 and Silverlight will include a few stock shader effects.

There are some things we are continually focused on and one is performance. For performance, we are scenario focused – meaning we pick the most important scenarios and then optimize those end to end. For general performance requests, including requests for hardware acceleration, it would be helpful to understand what scenarios you feel do not meet performance expectations.

There are numerous requests for mouse wheel and there was a comment that suggested the reason we do not support this is due to a security concern. To clarify, the reason we do not support this in Silverlight 2 is that mouse wheel events are not exposed to Silverlight in all browsers (see this post for more details). We continue to look for a consistent way to work around this issue.

Feature Count Comments
Web camera and/or microphone input 33 Includes requests for just microphone as well
Bitmap APIs 28 Support get/set pixels and/or rendering a XAML scene to a bitmap.
Full 3D 26 Full 3D support (full 3D models)
Printing 22 Printing APIs
Offline and/or out of browser support 17 Support running Silverlight when not online (or completely out of the browser)
Rich text support 13 Editing and display (and flow, multi-column, inline hyperlink)
Text quality 12 Includes requests for knobs on anti-aliasing
Bi-directional text and/or complex script 10  
Right mouse button 9 Ability to configure the right click
UDP/P2P 9 UDP APIs generally for Peer to Peer support
Interactive designer 8 Support an interactive designer in Visual Studio
HTML Integration 8 Support HTML hosting (live HTML documents) and/or HTML translation
Support more than BasicHttpBinding 8 Most common request is for WSHttpBinding (session support)
Clipboard support 7  
Improve Silverlight/WPF compatibility 7 Mostly feature requests for either Silverlight and/or WPF
More controls 8 Including navigation tree, multihandle slider
Selectable text 7  
Improved DataGrid 6 Several different requests including support for Virtualization
Mouse wheel 6 API and support in existing controls
SaveFileDialog 6  
Data and/or property triggers 5  
Reporting services 5  
Synchronous web service calls 5  
ADO.NET DataSet/DataTable 4  
Alpha video 4 Chroma key support
Custom markup extensions 4  
Drawing APIs (immediate mode) 4  
Element name binding 4  
Local relational database (SQL) 4  
Modal dialog 4  
Assembly caching 3 Want a framework for downloading/managing assemblies
Binding support to anonymous types 3  
Credentials/auth 3 Requests for networking stack and ASP.NET type integration
Multi-target DLLs for .NET/SL 3 Build a business object DLL once for both .NET and Silvelright
Multi-touch support 3  
Path Animation 3  
Speech and better audio decoder 3  
VisualBrush 3