Enabling Safe Mode in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Just a quick post to describe how to enable Safe Mode in Windows 8 Developer Preview.
If you are reading this post, probably you have already tried to boot in Safe Mode for whatever reason using classic F8 key during WIndows boot, to discover that Windows Recovery Environment (with Metro style Smile) is what you get. This is how you can get to boot into Safe Mode and leave it there in case you would need to.

1.- At home screen, type “cmd” in home screen to access it. To run it elevated, press Ctrl+Shift and then click on cmd icon. Accept User Account Control prompt.


2.- At command prompt, use bcdedit /enum /v to list the boot entries. The first entry will have “Windows Boot Loader” as description. The second will have “Windows Developer Preview”. Copy the identifier GUID, {23fc82d2-….} in the picture below.


3.- Duplicate the entry by using the following command (use your entry’s GUID Smile with tongue out). You can use whatever description you want:

bcdedit /copy {23fc82d2-….} /d “Windows Developer Preview (Safe Mode)”

4.- From command prompt, invoke msconfig.exe. In there, select the newly created boot item and enable Safe Mode for it by selecting the checkbox shown in the picture below. Also mark the checkbox “Make all boot settings permanent”. Then hit OK, and Yes again in warning message. You will be prompted then to exit msconfig with or without restart. Up to you Smile. You may also change timeout so it takes just a few seconds before normal start.


5.,- When you reboot you will get the following:


6.- If you click in “choose other options” text (not much intuitive in Developer Preview Smile) you will access other special boot options:


7.- If you select the boot option you created before, you will access Safe Mode, after warm boot.



Hope you find this useful.