Quick deletion and shutdown of Azure Resources

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You played with Azure all the day and you are in a hurry getting home on time?
Here is how you can delete your resource group (or shut down all your VMs) with only one Powershell command - like you can see in the gif. Just type DeleteResourceGroup, login to your Azure Account and select the Resource Group you want to delete - finished.

More exiting: Type ShutDownAllVMs and all your VMs are stopped and no costs will be produced anymore (of course except of the vhd storage costs, but these are just a few cents).


So, how am I doing this?
The whole magic comes with Powershell profiles.

  • Do you already have one? Check it with:
    Test-Path $profile
  • If it returns True you already have a profile. If it returns False you can create one by using this command:
    New-Item -path $profile -type file -force
  • You can edit your profile at everytime using:
    notepad $profile
  • So these are the lines in my Powershell Profile to use the Shortcuts (= functions) ShutDownAllVMs:
    function ShutDownAllVMs ``{ Invoke-Expression "& 'C:\Users\jule\Scripts\ShutDown-All-VMs-in-All-RGs.ps1' "}

Scripts for deleting a selected Resource Groupstopping all VMs and stopping all VMs in a selected Resource Group are available on GitHub.

I hope your 150€ trial money will now remain a bit longer :)