DevOps: Where do I start ? Cheat Sheet

DevOps Cheat Sheet

[UPDATED 10/04/2016]

UPDATE : We just updated the HOL on Parts Unlimited and Parts Unlimited MRP check this out :

Your boss has asked you to do DevOps ? No surprise as the term DevOps has become a trendy word. DevOps however is more than just Devs and Ops working together. It is not something you can buy with your credit card. The efficiencies the process provides on behalf of a supported organization can yield increased productivity between IT Professionals, Developers and Business Decision Makers.

Yes… But where I'm supposed to start ??? What will be my learning path ?

That's why I'm offering to you all my links from where I learned, learn and still learning every day.

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Introduction to DevOps

Videos / Courses / Shows :

Channel 9 : DevOps Fundamentals

A MUST TO START !! This series takes you through the fundamentals of DevOps, starting with an introduction to the concepts and then drills into DevOps practices. It will cover the basics of the most commonly implemented practices and talk you through technical demos for each.

Channel 9 : DevOps Gamification | What Is ? Serie :

Channel 9 : Breakpoint Show : 

MVA : Integrate, Deliver, and Deploy Continuously with Cloud DevOps by Donovan Brown

Examine the Microsoft application lifecycle management (ALM) offerings that enable your development teams to be more productive and to embrace a DevOps culture.

MVA : Enabling DevOps Practices with Visual Studio Online by David Tesar and Donovan Brown

Want to improve the quality of your code and get it into customers' hands faster, with fewer delays and a better view of the end-to-end deployment pipeline? Watch this online technical training to learn how IT and Developer practitioners can use Visual Studio Online to accelerate their DevOps journey, thanks to flexible, cross-platform capabilities and built-in tasks that integrate with and preserve existing investments.

Overview of VSTS - Build Fundamentals and CI - Build Agents - Automated Testing - Continuous Deployment

Channel 9 : Microsoft DevOps Hackathon Live

This video splited on five parts will show you one of our Hackathon experience, It will cover a lot of practices with demos.

Channel 9 | Build | DevOps as a strategy for Business Agility

Discover how your development team can collaborate more easily with operations teams and embrace a DevOps culture to enable continuous delivery.

Links / Blog Post :

Microsoft DevOps Assessment - DevOps Self-Assessment

This assessment is the first step in gauging your readiness in the 7 key DevOps practice areas. Completing this assessment will provide you with a framework to better understand your current DevOps practices and where to focus next.

Blog Post : DevOps for n00bs (ie. Windows people like me)

After few research I found this awesome blog post from Ashley McGlone

Books :

The Phoenix Project

I think this book is a best seller in term of DevOps, specially for folks who just started to learn.

Next Gen DevOps

This book is a good one to have a global vision of DevOps. I liked how the author explain the evolution of IT from the beginning until nowadays

Kanban : Successful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business

This one i an excellent book to explain the real goal of using Agile board... Indeed is not just about stick notes on every wall and said : We're Agile !

DevOps Buddies

Improve your skills

Videos / Courses / Shows :

Channel 9 : DevOps Dimension

Join DevOps experts David Tesar, Thiago Almeida, Oguz Pastirmaci, the engineers building DevOps solutions, and partners to find out the latest news and information on DevOps practices, inside and outside Microsoft.

Channel 9 : The Ops Team

Weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On Premises technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

MVA : Deep Dive into Azure Resource Manager Scenarios and Patterns

Find out how you can use Azure Resource Manager (ARM) as a tool help you manage those Resource Groups. Explore ARM with an international team of experts, who show you scripts and tools that make it easy to spin up or spin down elements of your application infrastructure in dev, test, or production.

Links / Blog Post :

Blog Post : VorlonJS - A Journey to DevOps

Awesome serie by Julien Corioland of post on Vorlon, interesting to see how VSTS can be used with non Microsoft technology !!

Books :

Value Stream Mapping: How to Visualize Work and Align Leadership for Organizational Transformation

Value stream mapping--an essential but underused methodology--is a proven approach to help you visualize and resolve disconnects, redundancies, and gaps in your value delivery system. More than merely a tool to eliminate operational waste, value stream mapping is a highly effective means to transform leadership thinking, define strategy and priorities, and create customer-centric work flow.

Continuous Delivery: Reliable Software Releases through Build, Test, and Deployment Automation

Jez Humble and David Farley begin by presenting the foundations of a rapid, reliable, low-risk delivery process. Next, they introduce the “deployment pipeline,” an automated process for managing all changes, from check-in to release. Finally, they discuss the “ecosystem” needed to support continuous delivery, from infrastructure, data and configuration management to governance.

Evidence / Customer Success

Channel 9 : kCura: DevOps customer story with Chef and Azure

Sameer Doshi from kCura tells us how their company has achieved some business great results across development and operations while utilizing Microsoft Azure and Chef to implement the DevOps practice of Infrastructure as code amongst other things.

White Paper : Rakuten :

Tokyo-based Rakuten is one of the largest electronic commerce and Internet companies in Japan. Rakuten’s Ichiba ecommerce platform is among the world’s largest by sales. Discover how this company is using DevOps Practices.

Hands on lab (HOL) / Practices

DevOps Factory :

Learn how the DevOps Factory can help you deliver better apps faster, while making the most efficient use of all IT resources.

How to enable DevOps Practices with PartsUnlimited Apps by David Tesar

Parts Unlimited is an example eCommerce website site based for training purposes on the website described in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Project

Parts Unlimited GitHub Repo :

The website, built on ASP.NET 5 MVC 6 includes product listings by category, product details, shopping cart, order history, product recommendations, search, and more using Microsoft Technology.

You can start with this HOL to learn some DevOps Concepts with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and Azure :

Parts Unlimited using DotNet Core :

Parts Unlimited MRP GitHub Repo :

The application uses entirely open source software including Linux, Java, Apache, and MongoDB which creates a web front end, an order service, and an integration service.

You can start with this HOL to learn some DevOps Concepts with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Open Source Technology and Azure :

Love Java ? So do we !! :

Are you developing in Java? Do you need a good set of agile tools to maximize your team's productivity ? This lab will show you how using Visual Studio Team Services and running your build, automated testing, deployment, using Git and more...

Introductory Hands-on Training for Open Source DevOps Workflow

Check this awesome HOL on Node.js + MongoDB + Jenkins + Dokku and more !!!

DevOps practices with VSTS + secure Azure Service Fabric :

  1. Creating secure Azure Service Fabric Cluster
    • Create Self-Signed Certificate using PowerShell
    • Create Azure Key Vault & Import certificate to Azure Key Vault
    • Create new secure Azure Service Fabric (ARM template or Azure portal)
  2. Connecting VSTS & Azure Service Fabric
    • Create new project at Visual Studio Team Services & import source code/example app
    • Create a Service Link from Visual Studio Team Services to an Azure Service Fabric
  3. Application Delivery & DevOps practices with Azure Service Fabric
    • Create Contentious Integration definition with Visual Studio Team Service
    • Create new Release definition with Visual Studio Team Service
    • Deploy/update the app & enjoy DevOps with Azure Service Fabric



This article is just a beginning, with few resources that help me to understand and improve my skills in term of DevOps.

I will add and update my links very often, so don't hesitate to ping me on twitter or leave a comment if you have ideas or you're thinking some links missing or that could be interesting !