TalkDevOps Interview : IaC at Orckestra with Stéphane Lapointe

Last month I met Stéphane Lapointe (@s_lapointe) at Orckestra's office in Montréal to talk about DevOps and his experience.

Here the recording, split in two parts, we talk about Infrastructure as Code with Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Template and Configuration Management with Desired State Configuration (DSC) and how Orckestra leverage this two DevOps practices to improve their lead time !

In the second part, we are focus more on best practices and experiences with Stéphane on how you can easly start to do IaC with ARM in term of tools and resources...

Part 1

How Orckestra is using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and Desired State Configuration (DSC) to implement Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management as DevOps practices :

Part 2

How can I start with ARM in term of learning, tools and best practices :

Many thanks to Orckestra : and Stéphane for their time !

If you are interested to #TalkDevOps with me, let me know in the comment section !!

Thanks you