Installing Exchange Server 2013 Preview

    Hi All:

    Exchange Server 2013 preview published , all server components can install on the newest server OS (Windows Server 2012) . If you hope to try it ,you can download it from :

    Today , I will to introduction how to installing Exchange Server 2013 preview .

    My test lab environment OS is all Windows Server 2012 datacenter RTM , forest and domain level are Windows Server 2012.

    The first phase is prepare AD , this phase need to running three commands :

     1.PrepareSchema :

      2.PrepareAD :

      3.PrepareDomain :

    When you finished AD preparation , now you will start to install Exchange Server 2013 preview . Because Exchange Server 2013 just have Mailbox and CAS roles , and Microsoft recommand first install Mailbox role .

    Now insert Exchange Server 2013 Preview image to starting install. 

    "STOP!!!!!!!" I think you may to ask "You need to install Exchange requirements firstly".

    The answer is NO , Exchange Server 2013 more simplifying the installation process. When you start to install , you will into Check for Update ? dialog box :


      Check finished , will copy install file to local :

        Copy finished , will into Introduction dialog box :

    Click Next , will into License Agreement dialog box :

       Accept and click Next , will into Error Reporting dialog box :

     Select your option and click Next , will into Server Role Select dialog box , now you can select your need to installing Exchange role , Mailbox or CAS or both . By default , setup will automatically install Windows Server roles and features :

    Click Next , will into Installation Space and Location dialog box :

    Choose a location and click Next , will into Malware Protection Settings dialog box :

     Select your option and click Next , will into CEIP dialog box :


Select your option and click Next will into Readiness Checks phase :

      Check if OK you can click install to start installing process , waiting some 10 minutes, install finished :


    Click complete , you can find Exchange Server 2013 preview shortcut in Start :

       The last , Exchange 2013 have not EMC (Exchange Management Console) mmc snap-in console , in 2013 they called EAC (Exchange Admin Center) , you can throw web browse to access , the address is : http(s)://CAS(FQDN)/ecp .

      Now you can build a test lab to testing more new features .


        Enjoy !

        Justin Gao

        Microsoft (China)